Sunday, February 7, 2016

Flowering Fields Five Pack

Create this box of Flowering Fields ( Get the stamp FREE when you spend $50) card using the basic concept of the criss-cross box to hold 5 ½” x 4 ¼” cards and envelopes.

Supplies list:
2 pieces card stock 7” x 5 ¾” (front pieces)
1 piece card stock 7” x 6 ¾” (back piece)
1 piece card stock 1 ¼” x 12” (center band)

1. Starting with the 7” x 6 ¾” cardstock piece, create the back of your box by scoring it at 1” from both sides along the 6 ¾” side, and at 1” from the bottom along the 7” side. Use your bone folder to give the score lines a nice crisp fold.

2. Using your scissors, cut the solid lines to create folding tabs. The picture below shows how I trimmed the tabs at a slight angle to help with folding. Set aside.

3. Now you are going to make the front pieces, as shown below. Take one of your 7” x 5 ¾” pieces and score it 1” in from the left side along the 5 ¾” side. Then give it a ¼ turn to the right and score at 1” along the 7” side. Using your paper trimmer, place the blade at the upper corner beside the side score line, and line up the cutting line on an angle to the bottom corner beside the bottom score line. Cut that angle off, as shown in the photo below this one.

4. Repeat with the other piece of 7” x 5 ¾” cardstock, changing your score lines to the outer edges and cutting your angle opposite to the first one. For this piece, you will also need to use your scissors to cut off the larger bottom tab as shown in diagram. Cut the little bottom tabs in the same manner as you did for the back piece to help with folding. Set aside.

5. Starting with the back piece, glue the little tabs on the bottom to the inside of the larger bottom tab. Set aside.

6. Take the 2 front pieces, and starting with the left side, glue the little tab on the bottom to the inside of the larger bottom tab. Then take the right side and put Scor-Tape onto the places as shown in the photo below, and put glue onto the little bottom tab. Remove the protective strips on the Scor-Tape, adhering the angled piece to the inside of the left piece, and at the same time carefully tuck in and adhere the little tab on the bottom. It should now look like the photo below.

7. The next step is to glue the front piece to the back piece, creating a box by tucking the back into the front. Use your bone folder to make sure your joins are secure.

8. For the decorative band at the center of the box, you can now take the 1 ¼” x 12” strip of cardstock and starting from the back side, wrap it all the way around to the back, overlapping the ends by approximately ½”. Holding it in place, slightly pinch the band at the corners and then take it off and use your bone folder to get a good fold for each corner. You can then glue the band on all the way around.

*** Finished box size: 6” x 4 ¾” x 1”

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