Thursday, January 26, 2017

What A DEAL!

Wow! Do I have a deal for you.  For $99 you can get ANY items you want from the Annual Catalog or the Occasions Catalog, and ANY 2 FREE Stamps of your choice!!  This is well over a $200 plus value!!  There is no obligation or penalty to hold classes, sell items, call people, or continue buying product.  For 3 months you will also receive 20% off any order!!  This is just one amazing deal!  

You may be thinking, "Why does Kris want me to do this?  Won't this hurt her business if I sign up and not just order from her?"  The answer is NO!!  You will be helping me.  From now until until March 31 if you do sign up with me, I get rewards too!  Plus, I get one step closer to my goal of making the Silver Elite status.  I only need 2 more people to sign up, a few more orders,  and I'm there!  And if you decide after the 3 month trial that it's not for you just go back to being the amazing customer that you are! Contact me at

Here are my suggestions for your $99:

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Suggested FREE SALE-A-BRATION  stamp

Suggested 2 FREE sets
Inline image 7Inline image 6

I hope that I was able peek your curiosity and get you thinking about joining me in this amazing experience.

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